BDES Secures China’s Pioneering Invention Patent for Floating Suction Online Monitoring

Nov 08,2023

In November 2022, in line with our unwavering commitment to customer needs, BDES established a dedicated R&D team to address the challenge of detecting the detachment of floating suction units, a general concern of our valued clients. Over a span of just three months, this team, comprising senior executives and more than ten research personnel, successfully developed four solutions. Among these cutting-edge developments, the Fiber Bragg Grating Floating Suction Monitoring System emerged as the standout choice for promotion.

This monitoring system has high precision, excellent stability, and a long service life. Its comprehensive dynamic monitoring and alarm functions represent a significant breakthrough in the realm of floating suction monitoring. In May 2023, the system was awarded an invention patent, making it China’s first and only invention patent in the field of online floating suction monitoring.

1 Floating Suction

Floating suction units are employed in storage tanks, particularly those containing high-quality petroleum products like aviation kerosene. They ensure the extraction of cleaner product from the uppermost liquid layer by positioning the pump's inlet between 50 and 500 millimeters below the floating roof, maintaining a constant distance from the roof.

However, the challenge lies in the limited visibility of these floating suction units since they are located beneath the floating roof. Compounding this challenge is the extended maintenance intervals caused by the long maintenance cycle of floating roofs, making it difficult to promptly detect detachment or malfunctions of the floating suction units. This oversight can lead to a degradation in product quality and heightened safety risks in the operation of both floating suction and floating roof systems within the storage tank.

2 Early R&D Meetings

During the initial phases of research and development, the team conducted intensive brainstorming sessions and developed two solutions within a week. Notably, one of these solutions, the on-site display approach, not only secured a utility model patent but also stood out as the most creative and distinctive option among the traditional methods.

3 The FBG Solution Selected

When fiber Bragg grating sensors came into focus, the team swiftly developed two additional solutions. In the end, the fiber Bragg grating monitoring solution was chosen for its economic viability, enhanced safety features, and superior precision.

The online floating suction monitoring system eliminates the need for extensive manual inspections, contributing to substantial cost savings. Moreover, it outperforms manual inspections in terms of monitoring accuracy, significantly enhancing personnel safety.

In addition to these advantages, the monitoring system has a remarkable maximum refresh rate of 100Hz, enabling the timely and precise transmission of information to the control room. It can promptly detect abnormal signals of the floating suction units during their operation and trigger alarms, all without generating electric sparks. This real-time monitoring system guarantees the safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

4 Innovative Achievement

The online floating suction monitoring system addresses a notable gap in both international and domestic floating suction monitoring fields. It stands as a breakthrough and creative achievement. Our acquisition of invention and utility model patents motivates us to persist in tackling equipment safety challenges and further enhancing the impact of our products.

5 Looking to the Future

Never forget our original aspiration, keep forging ahead. At BDES, we are proud to be making significant strides in innovative research and development, consistently strengthening our scientific research capabilities. We set out on a new journey in the petrochemical industry, aiming to serve and innovate for an even wider customer base. With a commitment to excellence, we look forward to shaping a brighter and more sustainable future in our industry!

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