Full Contact Stainless Steel IFR
The full contact stainless steel double deck IFR allows for complete liquid coverage and adopts a beamless structure. It consists of a floating deck and an efficient sealing device. The floating deck comprises multiple interconnected modules, each serving as a buoyancy unit, reducing the buoyancy loss caused by extreme conditions.
Technical Advancements
  • The modules are made of corrosion-resistant S30408 stainless steel, manufactured using full welding techniques and subjected to airtightness testing to ensure reliable airtightness of the module structure.
  • The modules of the IFR include a honeycomb core, significantly enhancing their pressure resistance, exceeding API650 requirements by tenfold. This guarantees the strength and operational stability of the floating deck. The honeycomb design ensures that even if any two honeycombs leak, it does not affect the buoyancy of the floating deck. The module units are fully welded, and airtightness tested, ensuring no leakage points.
  • The modules within the floating deck are arranged in a staggered pattern (tripod or herringbone shape), allowing for the rapid transfer of impact energy to the surrounding six modules in case of impact, minimizing damage to individual modules and ensuring the integrity and stability of the IFR.
  • Vertical edges connect the modules with bolts and nuts. Sealing gaskets and metal strips are added between adjacent modules for efficient joint sealing.
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