Large Floating Roof Tank Active Safety Protection System
The Large Floating Roof Tank Active Safety Protection System is a device that can anticipate potential explosion hazards in the primary and secondary sealing spaces of storage tanks and take proactive measures to ensure the safe operation of large floating roof tanks.
Technical Advancements
  • Utilizes non-electrical detection technology to remotely monitor the real-time gas and oxygen content within the tank's sealing ring and integrate it with the tank area lightning warning system to identify lightning risks in advance.
  • Anticipates potential fire and explosion hazards in the tank's sealing ring, automatically inertizes, and provides protection.
  • Integrates with weather forecasting systems to provide proactive safety protection under extreme weather conditions such as high temperatures and lightning.
  • Monitors the operational status of the tank's sealing device.
  • The control distance is not limited by geographical location and supports information sharing.
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