Wastewater Ultrafiltration Treatment
1. A filtration unit made of modified glass and carbon microspheres arranged in a three-dimensional network, designed for the primary treatment of suspended solids.
2. The secondary suspended solids treatment unit utilizes an anti-adhesive coating and a metal felt filtration and separation system.
3. The hydrophilic composite ultrafiltration unit for oil-water separation treatment is combined with an oil-displacing ultrafiltration unit for demulsification and oil-water separation.
Technical Advancements
  • Demulsification can be achieved without using demulsifiers and avoiding treating additional substances.
  • It has a large flow area and occupies less space.
  • It has a fast flow rate and low-pressure drop.
  • It can be backwashed and has a stable operating time of over 5000 hours, and it doesn’t adhere.
  • It has good treatment efficiency and can meet external discharge standards.
  • It is small and can be highly integrated for convenient operations.
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