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  • Senior Engineer
  • R&D
  • Beijing, China
  • 2 persons

Job responsibilities

• Conduct technical product presentations and introductions.

• Product research and development.

• Conduct market research on products.

• Assist other departments in technical support for related technical issues.

• Perform other tasks assigned by the company and department leaders.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in the field of Oil and Gas Transportation Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Process Equipment and Control, Mechanical Design, or related majors.

2. Proficient in using office software.

3. Proficient in using design software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, etc.

4. Priority is given to candidates with experience in chemical process pipelines and internal floating roof tank design.

5. Conditions may be relaxed for outstanding graduates.


  • Sales Engineer
  • Marketing
  • Beijing, China
  • 2 persons

Job responsibilities

• Assist the Sales Manager in completing sales plans and tasks.

• Manage and maintain customer relationships and establish customer files.

• Able to receive instructions and market information correctly.

• Collect and organize project information and provide professional consultation to clients.

• Complete accounts receivable tasks for projects.

• Complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor.


1. Outgoing personality, proactive, hardworking, and keen observation skills are preferred.

2. Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills.

3. Possess market analysis and judgment abilities, with a strong customer service mindset.

4. Prior experience in the petroleum or petrochemical industry is preferred.


  • Business Department Supervisor
  • Marketing
  • Beijing, China
  • 2 persons

Job responsibilities

• Responsible for the preparation and review of tender documents: track project information, compile and organize related forms, and keep updated on relevant bidding websites.

• Manage the daily operations of the business department and track the progress and implementation of tasks.

• Independently prepare and review tender documents.

• Coordinate with other departments within the company.

• Assist in contract management and implementation, including timely signing, stamping, and archiving with the contracting party.

Department Management:

1. Assist the department supervisor in internal management and facilitate communication between superiors and subordinates.

2. Assist the department supervisor in organizing and analyzing bidding-related data.

3. Complete any ad hoc tasks assigned by the department supervisor.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in a relevant field, preferably in a science or engineering discipline.

2. Minimum of 3 years of experience in engineering/project/equipment bidding, with experience in bid evaluation.

3. Familiarity with government procurement processes and proficiency in using office software, PhotoShop, and audio/video editing.

4. Strong communication and management skills, with preference given to those with experience in market development activities.


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