BDES Receives Funding for Innovative Oil Storage Tank Safety System in BDA

Nov 08,2023

On November 29, 2022, BDES’ active safety system for large oil storage tanks was the first to be recognized as a significant technological innovation product by the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area (BDA), contributing to financial support for BDES.

The active safety system for large oil storage tanks, as an intelligent energy technology and emergency safety equipment for the energy (petroleum and petrochemical) industry, can predict potential explosion hazards within the sealing ring and take proactive measures to protect. It is a collective term for devices used to ensure the intrinsic safety operation of large oil storage tanks. The system adopts the concept of active safety protection. It can be divided into two modules: oil and gas/oxygen concentration analysis and inerting protection. The oil and gas/oxygen concentration analysis module uses non-electric online detection technology to remotely monitor the oil and gas concentration and oxygen concentration inside the tank’s sealing ring, enabling data-driven safety management. It can predict potential explosion hazards and automatically implement safety protection, transitioning from “human protection” to “technology-based protection.” The inerting protection module utilizes nitrogen as an inerting medium to protect the sealing ring actively. It also purifies the gas sampled during analysis, effectively preventing explosion accidents that could occur during the petroleum storage and transportation process due to lightning, static electricity, or ignition.

The large oil storage tank active safety system transforms traditional post-fire rescue into proactive prevention, enhancing large oil storage tanks’ capabilities of explosion prevention, flame inhibition, and fire control. This transition reduces the workload on personnel and ensures the intrinsic safety of petroleum tank operations.

About BDES:

BeiDou QiMing (Beijing) Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd (BDES) is a high-tech company founded in 2011, committed to providing SAFE, ENERGY-CONSERVING, and ECO-FRIENDLY storage tank technology. It is currently China’s most prominent professional provider of comprehensive solutions for VOCs emission control in the petrochemical industry. BDES embodies a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, and uncompromising quality in all its endeavors.

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