BDES Demonstrates Commitment to Community with Mask-Making Machine Donation to Fushun Petrochemical

Mar 24,2020

[Fushun, 24/3/2020] – In a remarkable display of corporate responsibility and solidarity, BDES proudly announced the donation of a mask-making machine to China Petroleum Fushun Petrochemical Company. The momentous occasion took place on March 24, 2020, at 10 AM, in the Beitian Group's aseptic mask production facility.

This benevolent act by BDES has garnered widespread acclaim, attracting the attention of government dignitaries at the highest echelons. Notable attendees included:

• Gao Jian, Vice Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor.

• Wang Jinhua, Deputy Mayor.

• Yang Jun, Director of the Development and Reform Commission.

• Zhang Dan, Director of the Industrial and Information Technology Bureau.

• Zhao Chenyang, District Mayor of Dongzhou.

• Chai Kai, Director of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau.

• Zhang Wenxian, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government.

• Liu Ping, Director of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

• Liu Yanjun, Secretary-General of the Fushun City Charity Federation.

This momentous event not only marked the donation of a mask-making machine but also signified the commencement of production, reflecting BDES's unwavering dedication to the well-being of our community and its contribution to the collective fight against the global health crisis.

The mask-making machine, a testament to our commitment to public health and safety, stands as a symbol of unity, resilience, and collaboration during these challenging times.

Exterior View of the Mask Production Facility

Litian Shu, Gao Jian, Wang Hongguang, and Zhang Baiyin during the Ceremony

Wang Hongguang Addressing the Audience at the Mask-Making

Machine Donation and Production Commencement Ceremony

Wang Hongguang, Zhang Baiyin, and Li Minkang Engaging

in a Discussion during the Ceremony

About BDES:

BeiDou QiMing (Beijing) Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd (BDES) is a high-tech company founded in 2011, committed to providing SAFE, ENERGY-CONSERVING, and ECO-FRIENDLY storage tank technology. It is currently China’s most prominent professional provider of comprehensive solutions for VOCs emission control in the petrochemical industry. BDES embodies a steadfast commitment to innovation, integrity, and uncompromising quality in all its endeavors.

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